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Sound Level Meter with E-Box LITE

Simplify your Environmental Noise Monitoring with the EBox

When you need to perform unattended noise measurements that are to be left outdoors, the very last thing you need is the hassle of complicated equipment.

Castle's E•Box provides an effective and powerful Noise Monitor that's ready for you to use to it's full capabilities - straight inside the box.
EBox Applications
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Construction Noise
  • Boundary Noise Monitoring
  • Compliance Testing
  • Handheld Noise Assessments
  • Short Term Noise Assessments
  • Long Term Noise Assessments
EBox Features

Dedicated low measurement capability - down to 20dB

Internal flash memory of up to 50000 intervals

Measures Lp, Leq, Lmax, LE, L10, L90 and L(user)

Measures simultaneous parameters including LAeq, LCeq and PeakC

A, C or Z frequency weighting

Slow, Fast or Impulse time weighting selection

Realtime results direct to

7, 14 and 28 days internal battery options

External power and solar for longer term monitoring

Make use of the modem in the LIVE edition to monitor your results remotely through

3 Models for a solution that fits
E-Box Lite (LITE)
This is the perfect solution if you are just after a simple all-in-one system to cover your environmental noise monitoring needs without the added modem. The LITE version is lightweight, durable & long lasting so is ideal if you need to leave unattended whilst you record your measurements.

E-Box Power (POWER)
The POWER version of the E-Box is designed with endurance in mind. You are able to customise your power supply and even add Solar Panels for any long-term measurements, so you can rest assured this E-Box gives you need to perform!

E-Box Live (PRO)
This is the ultimate solution to environmental noise monitoring. The LIVE comens equipped with a modem that connects directly to our Castle Cloud software allowing you to monitor your results from the comfort of your own desk. Combine this with the custom power supplies nd you will see why ths is the custom power supplies and you will see why this is the ultimate solution for environmental noise monitoring.

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*Solar Panels not compatible with Lithium Ion Batteries.


E-Box LITE - Class 1 dBAir GA141E Environmental 48 Hours Assessment System

E-Box LITE - Class 1 dBAir GA141E Environmental 4 Days Assessment System

E-Box LITE - Class 1 dBAir GA141EO Octaves (1/1, 1/3) Environmental 48 Hours Assessment System

E-Box LITE - Class 1 dBAir GA141EO Octaves (1/1, 1/3) Environmental 4 Days Assessment System

E-Box LITE - Class 1 Sonik GA142E Assessment System

E-Box LITE - Class 1 Sonus GA116E Assessment System


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