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Gastec Detection Tubes (Detector tubes for Automatic air sampling pump)

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Gastec Detection Tubes (Detector tubes for Automatic air sampling pump) Detection Tube Air Quality Environmental

A detector tube that performs measurements using an automatic air sampling pump.

The automatic air sampling pump samples the air sample for a set duration of time and at a set speed via the detector tube. This allows for measurements of malodorous substances, and of the working/indoor environment.

Chemical to measure Measurement Range (ppm) Tube No.
Acetone  25-800 151TP
Acrylonitrile 0.2-12.6 191TP
Benzene 250-3,000µg/m3 121P
Chlorine  0.05-0.6 8TP
p-Dichlorobenzene  100-3,000µg/m3 127P
Ethyl benzene  110-2,750µg/m3 122P
Ethylene oxide  1-50 163TPM
Ethylene oxide  0.1-5 163TP
Formaldehyde  0.01-1.75 91TP
Formaldehyde  0.01-0.80 91PL
Formaldehyde  0.02-1.44 91P
Hexane  2-80 102TP
Hydrogen cyanide  0.3-9.0 12TP
Hydrogen fluoride  0.05-9.0 17TP
Hydrogen sulphide  0.5-16.0 4TP
Isopropyl alcohol  20-400 113TP
Methanol 20-300 111TP
Methyl ethyl ketone  20-300 152TP
Nitrogen dioxide  0.02-0.2 9P
Toluene  100-7,000µg/m3 122P
Toluene  2-80 122TP
Trichloroethylene  20-1,200µg/m3 132P
Trichloroethylene 1-33 132TP
Vinyl chloride  50-1,500µg/m3 131P
Xylene  2-80 123TP
p-Xylene (for Automatic Air Sampling Pump) 540-13,500mg/m3 122P

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